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Feel Good Feb was created to encourage and inspire people to initiate random acts of  kindness for their fellow community members. There has been extensive research to prove that ‘giving out good’ not only benefits the receiver but also increases the happiness of the giver. There’s mental happiness and physical benefits for all involved. It is a win-win situation!

In our fast changing world, there seems to be a lot of negative news that we are exposed to. Feel Good Feb is here to bring a ray of brightness and light into the world – and it’s done by YOU.

We would love people to have the intention and take the time to simply ‘lift the vibe’ of those around them. One random act of kindness (RAK) can bring a smile to someone’s face. No matter how big or how small your RAK is, you will be helping make someone’s day that much better.You can literally change their life just by being kind. Then in turn, maybe they will do a kind deed for someone else.  Kindness will flow organically, creating a ripple effect of happiness.

Let’s counteract the negative by being proactively positive!

Feel Good Feb’s mission is to spread the word and to keep on doing RAK’s not only in February but all year long.

To inspire others to do the same.

To support like minded organisations.

Feel Good Feb’s motto is “Kindness Is Catching”

 Why Feel Good ‘FEBRUARY’?

 Why not February?

What better way to start the year (after the joy of Christmas and the holidays of January) than to leap back into the world continuing the goodwill?

If people do random acts of kindness in February, we are hoping that it will become a habit and RAK’s will continue throughout the year!

About Feel Good Feb

Linda Pang is a published children’s book author and poet, primary and special education teacher and founder of Feel Good Feb and Kindness Is Catching.Linda Pang4

FGF is a month-long initiative encouraging people to perform random acts of kindness for others in the community. For 2015’s inaugural event, Linda drew up a list of 22 cost-free kindness ideas.

Things such as:

‘scatter your favourite books at public transport places’ and ‘clean people’s windscreens in a shopping centre carpark’

As well as another 22 ideas costing very little, such as:

‘top up parking meters on city streets’ & ‘buying some herb/veggie seed packets and pop them into letterboxes around your neighbourhood”

You can find posters containing many other ideas for RAK in our Free Resources Library

FGF Paintings

In past years, Linda invited her family and friends to join her in painting small canvases, one for each day of the month. During February, she left pantings accompanied by FGF Kindness Cards as gifts for strangers. Paintings have been left all around Sydney at bus stops, on trains, picnic tables and in other areas where they can be easily found. It’s her way of putting a smile on people’s faces.

2015 Paintings:

This is an image of all 28 FGF 2015 paintings which were given away as gifts


2016 12 photos

This is an image of three painting from FGF 2016 3 This is an image of three painting from FGF 2016 This is an image of three painting from FGF 2016 2

4 paintingsAnnas Paintings

Kindness is Catching was launched in May 2015.

The Kindness Is Catching facebook page communicates initiatives by Linda and others, for showing kindness and is dedicated to helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

One such community initiative was the KiC Winter Care Kits and Warmies, the first project in the winter of 2015 involving Sydneysiders. Care kits and warm items such as scarves, beanies and gloves were collected from the community and distributed to homeless people in Sydney to assist them throughout winter. The end result was an astounding 839 Winter Care Kits and over 400 beanies, scarves and pairs of gloves distributed in June.

The KiC Winter Project continued in 2016 and 2017 with a total of over 3000 Winter Care Kits and 2000 winter warmies collected from the generous Sydney community and was given directly to people who were homeless in Winter. This was done via taking part in Sydney Homeless Connect events at Sydney Town Hall, distribution through Community Centres in Sydney and giving them out to people sleeping rough in the city.

This is the banner imae for kindness is catching

More info can be found just follow this link.

Kindness Is Catching’s facebook page


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