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Digital Media

Weekend Today Show Channel 9, 1.02.15

Sydney Australia


Feel Good Feb on the Weekend Today Show

Linda Pang being interviewed on the Weekend Today show to launch the Feel Good Feb kindness movement#feelgoodfeb #icaughtkindness

Posted by Feel Good Feb on Friday, February 6, 2015

Radio Northern Beaches, Feb 2015

Host Ian Nicholas – On Air Interview with Linda Pang

Lightworkers Initiative – 20.6.15

Paddington, Sydney Australia

Linda Pang Guest Speaker

Lightworkers Initiative Launch Event Video 2015

from Nomad Project on Vimeo.

Share the Love Event  – a joint venture between World Kindness Australia, M.A.T.E.S. & Castle Towers 11-14 February, 2016

Castle Hill, Sydney Australia

Print Media

How to show some love for your neighbours

Writer of the NABO article: Kylie Walker, 8 February 2018

Libra Girl Rules – My Life, My Rules

Blog post, Feel Good Feb, 5 February 2018

The West Australian

Reporter: Alicia Perera | Pilbara News, 1 February 2018

The Manly Daily 30th July, 2016

Cromer PS/ KiC in Manly Daily

Northern District Times 8th June , 2016

Reporter:John Besley

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Central Sydney Magazine/The Daily Telegraph 28.1.15

Reporter: James Gorman

Manly Daily, 28.1.15

Reporter: Julie Cross

Australian Women’s Magazine, ‘that’s life’

Issue 6, February 12 2015

Writer: Megan Reynolds. Article: Interview with Linda Pang

Manly Daily, 27.02.15

Manly Daily 27.2.15

Manly Daily, 30.4.15

Reporter: Fiona Brady

Manly Daily, 24.06.15 

Manly Daily KiC BNPS kids

Mosman Daily 10.06.15

Pilbara News 24.02.16


Beaudesert Times 2.03.16

Social Media, Blogs and Websites

Grassroots Goddess – Laura Greaves 18.06.15

Weekend Notes 28.02.2015 

Article: Jody Kimber

Overseas Coverage

The Loop, Canada 30.01. 2015

Article: Matilda Miranda


On the 29th February 2015 Linda Pang, the founder of Feel Good Feb was the recipient of  World Kindness Australia’s “Cool to be Kind” award.

The award was presented by World Kindness Australia’s Chairman Michael Lloyd-White and Secretary Craig Spence.

“I just wanted to put a bit of light and positivity into the world.”


This is the image of the Kindness Australia Award